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60% of Instagram’s 1 Billion Users Find New Services There

15 Years of Personal Injury Litigation Experience
10 Years of Digital Marketing Experience
Proven Results, Seamless Execution

We Create / Update Your Instagram Account

Creating an account, including choosing a username, profile photo, and completing your Instagram bio are fundamental to generating clients on Instagram.

We optimize each of these components of your account to highlight your firm and its successes in your key practice areas.

We Build Your Audience

Building an Instagram audience that generates clients is both time consuming and critically important.

We identify and follow users likely to influence large numbers of potential clients, and post engaging content at least 5 times per week. The content we post is carefully designed to attract the attention of your potential clients.

We Execute Instagram Ad Campaigns

Instagram Ad Campaigns allow you to promote your firm directly to an even wider audience of Instagram users.

We identify optimal target audiences, create compelling ads, analyze results, and continually refine each campaign to maximize the clients generated.

We Continually Optimize Posted Content and Ad Campaigns

instagram analysis

We utilize Instagram’s business account Analytics to monitor results, as well as other tools, to optimize your posts for maximum reach and impressions.

We review this data continually to improve performance and reach your target audience.

Instagram has over 1 Billion Users
Users Over 25 Spend Over 24 Minutes a Day on the Platform
Top Firms Post 4.9 Times per Week on Instagram

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