Digital Marketing for Attorneys Key Statistics

I recently compiled some fascinating digital marketing for attorneys statistics.

65% of law firms spend most of their marketing budget online
This is not surprising given the dramatic shift from traditional media to digital media.  We all spend as much time staring at our smart phones as watching TV!

Law firms with a video on their profile pages (Website, Facebook and Instagram) increase click through rates to the law firm website by 138%.
I see this in my practice on a daily basis, and not just on profile pages.  Both image and video content should be included on every post made to your Facebook page, and are obviously required for Instagram!

74% of prospects beginning a search online end up contacting the office via phone.
This is a critical statistic when evaluating the performance of digital marketing programs. Before investing in digital marketing for attorneys, make sure you are able to track phone calls back to their digital source.

65% of all law firm related website traffic comes through mobile search.
We see numbers as high as 80% for mobile traffic, yet many websites are not optimized for mobile. Take a look at your firm’s website today from your mobile device, and decide whether you would contact the firm based on what you see.

42% of the time, law firms take an average of 3+ days to respond to a message from a new potential client.
35% of the time, phone calls from prospective clients are not answered.
These two statistics are the most frustrating for digital marketers! Even a perfectly executed digital marketing program fails without aggressive lead followup from the firm.

The current demand for legal services shows virtually 0% growth.
Although not a digital marketing statistic, this is a critical number. Client acquisition is a zero-sum game.  If your firm is not aggressively pursuing multiple digital marketing channels (Search, Social Media, etc.), you will lose clients to those firms that are.


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