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96% of People Seeking Legal Advice Use a Search Engine.

Google Consumer Survey, Nov 2017.


Goggle Adwords Certified, 10 Yrs Expertise Managing Large Campaigns


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Geographic Targeting



Interests & Demographics

Strategic and effective Adwords campaigns, put your firm on page 1, in one of the top 4 positions, above all organic search results:

  • Geographic Targeting – We define the precise locations you’d like your ads to appear.
  • Keywords – We continually analyze and refine the search terms that trigger your ads.
  • Devices – We optimize your campaigns for the devices you’ll appear on, and customize mobile vs. desktop ads.
  • Interest and demographics – We use potential clients’ interests and demographics to further refine ad targeting.

Google dominates the search engine market, capturing up to 80% of all searches. Adwords ensures that you never miss an opportunity to be found by new clients, when they need your services and expertise. We make sure that your Adwords investment generates high quality client leads.

Attract Their Attention

We attract your potential clients attention:

  • Compelling Ads – We develop compelling ads that attract your prospective clients and generate leads.
  • Optimized by Device – We optimize ads for mobile vs desktop platforms.
  • A/B Tested – We continually test ad versions to maximize new client leads.

Maximize Results

Adwords is NOT a static environment. We monitor and update each campaign on a daily basis:

  • Overall Performance – We analyze new client generation.
  • Optimization – We analyze and adjust your campaigns daily, by managing keywords and bids, keeping your ads above competitor ads, adjusting for shifts in device usage, and focusing on adjustments that continually generate clients.
  • Ad Performance – We analyze each ad, optimize their performance.

Legal Experience

15 Years Personal Injury Trial Attorney


Ongoing Development of Client Generating Strategies


In-depth reporting of results, bi-weekly and monthly.

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